Deacons & Deaconess




We nurture and care for the members of St. John Missionary Baptist Church and put their needs before our own.  Each of us are assigned members so that we can become personal and get to know one another.



We oversee communion and baptism responsibilities that include the preparation of attire, gowns, lines and gloves.  We also provide spiritual and emotional support to the women of our church.


 Deacons                                                                      Deaconess

Lorenzo  Boldware                                             Bernadette Boldware

Daryl  Collier                                                          Sherrie Collier

Calvin   Flood                                                          Donna Flood

Willlie  Jackson                                                     Linda Jackson                                                                                                                   

Harlod  Massey                                                      Glenda Massey

Johnson  Mergerson                                         Jenny Mergerson

Dwayne Stroman     

Larry Thompson                                                  Lynn Thompson

Benny Tucker                                                         Renee Tucker

                                                                                Claudette Coleman

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